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Find the French Spirit
in the heart of Alsace

Full week packaged trips to Paris and Alsace - France

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We offer you a unique journey in Alsace, a region located in the north east of France. It is well-known for its colorful timbered houses, delicious wine and castles perched at the top of the Vosges.

Join us for an immersive trip to the heart of Alsace that allows you to discover the cultural pearl of the region, its exceptional cuisine and exceptional food.

Alsace, top experiences to live
One of Europe’s Best Kept Secrets



Generous wines that are made for sharing

Alsace’s vineyards produce the most varietal wines in France.


Local Food, a region full of stars

Alsace is a region well known for its gastronomy, with the most Michelin star restaurants in France.


Fairytale villages

Picturesque and attractive villages 'very close to the vineyard'.


The land of castles

The many castle ruins situated in the foothills of the Vosges offer amazing panoramic views over the Alsatian plain.


The Alsace Wine route

The Alsace Wine Route is a jewel! A true tourist itinerary crossing Alsace from the north to the south.


Religious heritage

Famous for Mount Saint Odile, the emblematic place of the Catholic Church of Alsace located at an altitude of 753m.


Christmas tale

From the celebration of St.Catherine on Nov. 25th, to the Epiphany on Jan. 6th, Alsace get adorned with festive decorations, making the Christmas season a timeless moment!


A unique craft

Villages of potters where centuries of tradition are perpetuated offer an unforgettable postcard image.

Heart Of Alsace travel tours

Extraordinary experience in the heart of Alsace with 3 tailored journeys to make your wishes come true.

Heart of Alsace Travel offers to Corporate and Individual markets 3 unique journeys in Paris and Alsace, a region located in the north east of France.

Join us for 3 immersive trips at the heart of Alsace that allows you to discover the cultural pearls of the region, its exceptional cuisine and stellar wine selection.

Maginific escapades : our incoming travel agency partner

Quality and high level of service, personalized support, originality, rigor, flexibility and confidentiality.

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Three Full Week Package Trip

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Magnific Escapades is one of the Partner of Heart of Alsace Travel in France

  • Incoming travel agency dedicated to Alsace and its surrounding regions.
  • An individual and customized offer for tourists and companies;
  • One-day or half-day private tours, thematic stays (wine, gastronomy, culture, sports).
  • Wine weekend tours, wine-tasting courses.
  • Customized company events: seminars, teambuilding activities, customized incentives, car rallys, tours, evenings…

Magnific Escapades commintments

Wine tourism

A full week package trip

Paris and Alsace - France

Two days in Paris and five days in Alsace to indulge your clients, your family or your friends in an exclusive experience: discover Paris’ unique sites and the French “art de vivre”; stay in a charming hotel in the Heart of Alsace region; stroll through a string of picturesque villages; grasp the sense of the region’s historical and cultural heritage; follow the wine route and become an expert in wine-tasting; delight your palate with unique culinary experience.

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Corporate Seminars Offer

A full week package trip

Paris and Alsace - France

Two days in Paris and five days in Alsace to indulge your team to share a unique and exclusive Corporate Seminar through a program alternating working sessions and a true human, gastronomic, wine and cultural experience perfectly suited to your company needs.

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Spiritual Pilgrimage Offer

A full week package trip

Paris and Alsace - France

Two days in Paris and five days in Alsace to indulge your team, your clients, your friends or your family for a unique spiritual pilgrimage through a program alternating prayers and meditation sessions with a truly engaging cultural experience.

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We had a wonderful time, with unique locals wine and food experiences

Having the chance to be in this region is a great experience. A very unique place, a beauty of nature, culture, exquisite food, and a different variety of wine. This region gives you a feeling of excitement and curiosity. The more you discover the place the more you feel you want to stay! Its one of a kind experience to know the story of Alsace that you want to explore more!

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Find the French Spirit
in the Heart of Alsace


Welcome to Heart of Alsace. 10 463km separate Colmar from Manila - a distance which Olivier Midière and his team have decided to shorten.

The Manila based multientrepreneur has given himself the challenge to bring one of the most beautiful French regions, Alsace, closer to the Philipines, drawn by his passion for Alsatian wine and for this unique region. Imagined in Alsace and based in Manila, Heart of Alsace’s mission is to promote the region through rich and innovative experiences, it is a trip to some of Alsace’s innovative fields dedicated to wine tasting and other Alsatian flavors.

A one of a kind gustatory universe for Filipinos, waiting to be explored. Heart of Alsace is the ambassador brand of the French “art de vivre”, of an extremely rich Alsatian terroir, also a legendary for his hospitality.

So Good, So Beautiful, So French.

The concept of “Heart of Alsace” is to create an Exclusive brand territory, highlighting a diverse range of products and services, based on tourism, gastronomy Alsatian wines, in the Philippines.

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