Culture, Art & History

Enter the story by discovering exceptional and fascinating places, witnesses of the past

Magical City Tours To Remember

Experience the best sightseeing places and breathtaking monuments of majestics cities

Fairytale Villages Exploration

Stroll along the streets between colorful half-timbered houses dating back to the Middle Ages

Spiritual and Religious Immersion

Enter the story by discovering exceptional and fascinating places, witnesses of the past

Alsatian and Champagne Vineyards Exploration

Visit century-old vineyards and cellars and enjoy unforgettable wine’s tasting and food pairing

Grape Harvest

Exclusive Harvest Experiences

Make the unique and memorable experience of being winemaker two days of your life.

Traditional Food Workshops and Cooking Classes

Discover a world of tasty delights and local flavors and let yourself be surprised

Take a Seat for Memorable Moments

From gastronomic to traditional restaurant, have a taste of the sumptuous French cuisine where dishes and moments with friends are made to be savored

Amazing Outdoor Experiences

Alsace and Champagne are the perfect place for those who love sensations and open-air activities!

Magical and Unforgettable Christmas Holidays

Discover the magic and unique ambiance of the Christmas TMarkets and festivities in Alsace, Champagne and Paris

Exclusive, authentic & unforgettable moments

The Best Experiences to live with Heart of Alsace Travel

Included in our Luxury Tour Packages*

Heart of Alsace Travel includes exclusive experiences in each journey. Also, welcome by local experts, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in unique and authentic moments as hand made food product workshop, cooking classes, religious, cultural and artistic discoveries, exceptional cycling tours and golf experiences, not to mention cellar visits and wine tasting of the most famous houses. Wherever you go, we’ll delight and surprise you with unforgettable experiences, breath-taking sights and memorable people.

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