Terms and Conditions

Special conditions of sale Heart of Alsace Travel


These special conditions of sale apply to all services marketed by HEART OF ALSACE as part of this brochure, any other sales support used by HEART OF ALSACE and its website. For Tour-Operators whose name indicated under “organizer,” the special and general conditions will appear in the prior offer.

For some trips, we can offer you to ensure the departure with a lower minimum of participants for a fee. In this case, we will inform you within the legal period, more than 60 days before departure.

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To be considered firm and definitive, any booking must be accompanied by a deposit of 200 dollars non-refundable. The balance – final payment- must be paid no later than 60 days before the date of departure.


IMPORTANT: all our EXCLUSIVE TOUR PACKAGES are feasible with a minimum of 18 paying participants of 18+ years old unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if this quota has not been reached at least 60 days before departure. In this case,
the customer will have the possibility or to accept the replacement trip that we will propose to him (the difference of tariff will be passed on to him upwards or downwards) or to demand the refund of the sums already paid without being able to claim any compensation in any form whatsoever.


Taking into account the difficulties inherent to specific journeys, stays, circuits or cruises and the physical and psychic autonomy that they imply, the LK TOURS company reserve the possibility to refuse any inscription which would appear not adapted with the contingencies of such trips, stays, tours or cruises. If necessary, the client must produce a medical certificate of aptitude in this respect. The guarantee of the insurance company is not acquired if it turns out that the state of the physical or moral health of this person did not allow him such a trip. Given the specificity of circuits and in general, any traveler with reduced mobility will have to make sure with his travel advisor that the benefits of the trip adapted to his situation.

All our journeys require a physical and psychic autonomy. People under guardianship or trusteeship must imperatively report it at registration. People under guardianship must travel with their guardian; persons under guardianship must provide authorization from their curator.


The details of the amount of each trip in this brochure can be found in the section “INCLUSION” including tourist taxes (unless stated otherwise in the introductory offer and the contract of sale), airport taxes * and safety at 09/012/2019 (revisable during the season).

Our price does not include: see detail in “EXCLUSION” + exit taxes from the territory or border crossing (to be paid on site), some taxes on domestic flights + visa or card fees tourist, tips for staff (drivers, guides, porters …). In many countries, decanter water and bread are not free or do not exist.

Our prices are set on a flat rate basis, excluding service charges. Any service not used because of the traveler does not give rise to any


The indicated prices are calculated according to the various elements known at the date of the pamphlet (01/09/2019): hotel services, fuels (cost of the barrel to 57 $), tourist tax (except special mention) , fees and taxes, VAT rate, exchange rate (USD / CAD: variable rate depending on the trip concerned, CHF = 0.90 € / £ = 1.15 €). Motor transport share: DIREM price at 01/09/2019: 1,22 € subject to change without notice. In case of modification of these parameters, the prices are likely to be revised, in accordance with articles L.211-12, R.211-8 and R.211-9 of the French Code of tourism, the prices envisaged in the contract are revisable to upward or downward to account for changes in the cost of transportation (fuel/energy), royalties and taxes and exchange rates.

You will be informed of any increase in the total price of the package, no later than 20 days before departure. This increase will apply in full to the part of the amount concerned and cannot be a reason for cancellation. For any growth above 8%, you will receive on a durable medium the details of the variation of the price, its consequences on the cost of the package, the choice which is offered to you to accept or refuse in a reasonable time and effects of lack of response.


Under Article L. 211-11 of the French Tourism Code, the customer can transfer his contract if it has not produced any effect and up to 7 days of departure, warning the agency in a reasonable time to a person who fulfills the same conditions as himself. The client and the beneficiary of the assignment remain jointly and severally liable for the payment of the balance of the contract and the transfer fees that will be communicated by the agency.


In case of no show of the traveler at the time and place provided or in case of non-presentation of travel, police or health documents required for his trip (passport, visa, identity card, vaccination certificate) no refund will be possible.


The bus driver is our representative throughout your trip. In case of absolute urgency, the customer can also dial +33 3 89 24 65 65; an answering machine will indicate to him, outside the opening hours, the number of our permanence 24h on 24h.


Unless otherwise indicated, all rooms in our catalog are with bath or shower and WC. The customer cannot claim any refund if the allocated room is with shower instead of a bath or vice versa.

Single rooms: we do our best to get the maximum number of single bedrooms from hoteliers. However, the additional charge for the allocation of a room for a single person commits the organizer of the trip only to the extent that he can himself obtain them from the hoteliers, their number being minimal. We cannot be held responsible for the comfort of single rooms, which are often less well located and smaller than double bedrooms, although more expensive. In case it is impossible to provide a single room, the amount corresponding to the service not submitted will be refunded on request.

Rooms to share: Room registrations to be shared are accepted provided others have expressed the same desire. If this eventuality does not occur, the traveler concerned will have to pay the supplement for a single room. This supplement can be requested until check-out.

Triple rooms: these are double rooms with the addition of an extra bed; travelers wishing to use, despite these reservations, a triple room, cannot claim any discount.


Completion of customs formalities is the responsibility of the customer. Each traveler must strictly observe the prescribed formalities and, have the required and valid identity documents. It is up to the customer to complete all the formalities by bearing the costs and to ensure that the title, the names, and surnames appearing on all his travel documents correspond exactly to those appearing on his identity document, for himself and for the minor accompanying him.

Formalities for minors: Completion of customs formalities for minors is the responsibility of the parents or the legal representative. For the passage of a border, any minor, whatever his age, must have a valid passport, in his name.

Before leaving, the client will contact his bank to comply with the regulations of the foreign exchange office regarding the export and import of foreign currency.

Travelers should be provided with the necessary documents and vaccination certificates at border crossings and required by the country of destination to avoid the risk of being turned back at customs.


The customer can cancel his sales contract for the following fees (per person, on the total price of the trip)

  • more than 60 days before departure: the deposit of 200 dollars per person is non-refundable
  • between 60 and 46 days before departure = 30% of the trip price
  • between 45 and 31 days before departure = 50% of the cost of the trip
  • between 30 and 16 days before departure = 75% of the price of the trip
  • between 15 and 00 days before departure = 100% of the cost of the trip


  • more than 60 days before departure: the deposit of 200 dollars per person is non-refundable
  • between 60 and 31 days before departure = 70% of the price of the trip
  • between 30 and 16 days before departure = 80% of the cost of the trip
  • between 15 and 00 days before departure = 100% of the price of the trip

Concert tickets or other shows are not refundable.

Some trips by plane, bus or cruises follow a stricter cancellation schedule. In this case, the cancellation conditions will indicate in the prior offer. The reimbursement to which the traveler can claim from us for the percentage due to him will be made automatically.
In the event of cancellation by the traveler, the traveler needs to inform the travel agent or the organizer and his insurance immediately upon the occurrence of the event causing the cancellation. If this delay is not respected or if the traveler delays in informing his travel agency, he could be refused the assumption of his request.


All prices, schedules, itineraries, experiences, activities, visits, guided tours, lunch and dinner mentioned in our programs, may be modified as a result of circumstances beyond our control or imposed by decisions made by the local service providers or local authorities to which we address.

The itineraries, the order of visits, the experiences, the activities, the guided tours, the lunch and the dinner indicated in this brochure are given as an indication and may be modified at any time. We reserve the right to possibly replace an experience, an activity, a visit, a guided tour, a lunch, a dinner or a hotel with an experience, an activity, a visit, a guided tour, a lunch, a dinner or an establishment of the same category, to take a different route from the one originally planned or to cancel individual visits when circumstances require us to do so.

Similarly, the customer cannot claim any compensation if cases of force majeure impose the cancellation or if the dissolution of the trip occurs for the insufficient number of participants more than 60 days of departure.
In the case of abandonment of a trip in progress by the customer, there will be no refund.


It is up to each traveler to check whether a personal travel insurance policy covers he/she and to take out such an insurance contract including, among other things, travel assistance with a guarantee of medical repatriation, medical assistance, medical expenses, expenses hospitalization.

In general, our trips do not include any insurance.


The study of the claim files will only concern the contractual elements of the booking. No subjective or personal assessment will be considered and cannot give rise to compensation. To be admissible, any claim must first have been expressly formulated on-site to our local representative or our driver/guide in the case of a bus trip to provide a solution in real-time.

Any complaint must reach us by registered letter with AR within 21 days after the end of the trip. After this period, we cannot guarantee our intervention with interested providers. For a definitive position, we will remain dependent on the response time of our providers (1 to 2 months). In the absence of a satisfactory response within 60 working days, the client may refer the matter to the Tourism Ombudsman,
whose contact details and referral procedures are available on the website www.mtv.travel.

The trips marketed by Heart of Alsace Travel and presented in this brochure are organized by LK TOURS, Headquarters: 42 rue des Jardins 68000 COLMAR, SAS with a capital of 45,000 Euros. Financial guarantee:

APST – 15 Avenue Carnot 75017 PARIS, RCS Colmar 323 471 276, SIRET 323 471 276 00010.

Travel LK TOURS IM068100023, organizer is covered by a professional liability insurance (HISCOX France – 19 rue Louis le Grand 75002
PARIS) covering the consequences of its Professional Civil Liability, established in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Tourism. In accordance with articles L.211-7 and L.211-17 of the French Code du Tourisme, the provisions of articles R.211-3 to R.211-11 of the Code du Tourisme, are not applicable for the operations of reservation or sale of tickets that are not part of a tourist package.